Top 5 Reasons to Add Vinegar to Your Laundry

Top 5 Reasons to Add Vinegar to Your Laundry

The Value of Vinegar

LUALOHA is all about keeping it simple, natural and environmentally friendly. Our Turkish towels are woven with sustainably grown 100% Turkish cotton and get their beautifully vibrant hues from chemical- and allergy-free OEKOTEX-certified dyes. They also take up less space in the washing machine (using less water) and can be hung to dry (saving energy).

But let’s take it one step further – LUALOHAs also encourage the use of vinegar as a fabric softener instead of those harsh, chemical-filled brands. Vinegar is usually made from corn, potato, rice or barley grain or starch, making it a wonderful hypoallergenic, perfume-free option to keep your laundry looking clean, smelling fresh and feeling soft.

Top 5 Reasons to Add Vinegar to Your Laundry

  1. Keeps LUALOHAs soft

While white distilled vinegar acts as a chemical-free fabric softener for all laundry, it has a special purpose for LUALOHAs. It quickly and easily removes the natural starch used in the yarn of our Turkish towels (needed to make the yarn stiff for the weaving process), making them softer faster. 

The Secret Ingredient for Turkish Towel Softness

That’s right, vinegar does more than make a delicious tossed salad – it’s also great for your clothes and your most treasured LUALOHAs. By simply adding a cup of vinegar to your wash cycle, you’ve got a surefire recipe for ultimate cleanliness and softness!

  1. Cleans the washer
Regularly running white distilled vinegar through the washer helps eliminate soap scum and mineral deposits that can build up and restrict water flow. Every few months, thoroughly clean your washer’s hoses by running an empty cycle of hot water and 2 cups of white distilled vinegar.
  1. Eliminates mildew
No one likes the foul, lingering stench of mildewed laundry – a smell you know all too well if you’ve forgotten wet towels or clothing in the washer. Try rewashing your load in hot water with 2 cups of white distilled vinegar, and then run a normal second load with detergent. Your laundry should smell as good as new.
  1. Removes stains
Vinegar is also a natural stain remover. To remove grimy stains from 100% cotton white socks, clothing or towels, add 1 cup of distilled white vinegar to a large pot of water; heat to boiling and combine the items and boiling water in a large container or bin. Let it soak overnight and then wash it as usual. Another handy tip: Half a cup of white distilled vinegar in the rinse cycle helps prevent pesky lint and pet hair from sticking to clothes.
  1. Brightens clothes
Vinegar is like a magic potion for keeping whites whiter and darks darker. The acetic acid in distilled white vinegar does not harm fabrics, yet still dissolves the residue left by detergents, sprucing up the color of your dark clothing and keeping your whites beautiful and bright. Simply add half a cup of distilled white vinegar to the rinse cycle and you’ll get crisp, clean colors.