Turkish Beach Towel Classic Collection
Your Lualoha Towel



All Lualoha's are made of 100% colorfast Turkish cotton or a cotton and bamboo mix. The cotton and bamboo have hydrophilic abilities. Hydrophilic means "water loving" or "water attracting" (hydro is the Greek word for water and philic or philia means loving). A fun fact about cotton is that it is able to absorb up to 7 times its weight in liquid water, making it the perfect material for a towel.

As a general guideline, while you can use softener, it is not needed and can lead to the towels becoming less absorbent in the long run. Should that happen, simply soak your Lualoha in a water-vinegar mix before the next wash


We recommend to wash all Lualoha's on cold to ensure they keep their structure.
We use natural corn starch in the production to protect the yarn and while all Lualohas are pre-washed and pre-shrunk, some of the starch might still be apparent. But no worries! It will wash off within a washe or two. Using vinegar every wash cycle will keep the colors or your clothes and Lualohas fresh and make the towel extra-soft - so we def recommend that!


The easiest, fastest, safest and hence best way to dry your Lualoha is by hanging it to dry.

You will see that the sun or wind can dry your Turkish towel very fast (20 to 30 minutes!), but that they will also dry just as quickly indoors.


Many of our Turkish towels are handmade and all are hand finished as the tassels are tied in a century old, traditional way.

Tumble dryers are unforgiving on the beautiful tassels and we therefore suggest refraining from them.


While ironing a towel sounds strange to most, a quick press can do wonders and make your Lualoha feel even softer.

It will also allow for the vibrant colours to shine even more.

Retying the tassels of a Lualoha

Since the Lualoha tassels are hand tied, it can happen that some come undone over time.
There is an easy fix! Check out this video to show you how: