LUALOHAs are Simply the Best Turkish Towels

LUALOHAs are Simply the Best Turkish Towels

Picture this: You close your eyes, raise your hands above your head, count to three in your head, and with one deep breath you take an adventurous plunge into the sparkling blue water. A cool rush of water cascades over your head, through your hair, against your face, and in between your fingers. As you resurface with squinting eyes, you feel refreshed as you lift yourself out of the water and reach for the supple softness of your Turkish towel. It’s the perfect ending to the perfect dip.

After drying yourself off with your LUALOHA, you drape it onto your lounge chair and soak in a few minutes of sun while it dries.

So, what makes your premium towel stand out from a regular ol’ beach towel? Well, not only is your LUALOHA beautifully designed, stylish, versatile, soft to the touch and lightweight, it also dries in a snap (about 20-30 minutes to be precise) compared to its terrycloth counterpart. This is why taking your LUAHOLA to the pool, beach, gym or spa is the obvious choice. You get convenience and premium style wrapped into one gorgeous quick-drying, easy-to-carry package.

As a bonus – if you’re a beach- or spa-goer with an eco-conscious spirit, you can support your cause while wrapping yourself in luxurious style. LUALOHAs are made from sustainable cotton and require less water in the washing machine than regular towels. And, because they dry so quickly in the sun or wind, you never need the energy-wasting use of a dryer. So you can wave an eco-friendly goodbye to damp, slow-drying terrycloth bath towels forever!

But what’s style and eco-consciousness without quality? Luckily, LUALOHAs are created with high quality in mind. Our towels are carefully woven on handloom tables with the finest material possible: premium, 100% Turkish cotton, or 50% Turkish cotton and 50% Turkish bamboo thread. They are very durable, never looking worn-out, dull or faded after washing. In fact, they actually get softer with each wash.

Meanwhile, back on your lounge chair…

With your tan on-point, you fold your now-dry Lualoha into a tiny, space-saving square and effortlessly throw it into your beach bag. You walk away feeling sorry for the other swimmers lugging bulky, damp towels on their shoulders. At this moment, you have total Turkish towel bragging rights because your towel is definitely better than everyone else’s.