Top 10 Reasons to Love LUALOHA Turkish Towels

Top 10 Reasons to Love LUALOHA Turkish Towels

Every LUALOHA owner is in a committed relationship with his or her Turkish towel. From the oh-so-soft feel of the tightly loomed cotton to its lightweight versatility, it’s easy to fall in love with LUALOHA with every use. Here a few reasons why your Turkish towel will quickly become the new go-to piece for the beach, pool, gym and every other towel-toting location.

1. Eco-friendly

If your mission is saving the planet, LUALOHA is the towel for you. You conserve energy and water every time you wash it since it uses less water in the washing machine than a terry cloth towel and can be hung out to dry in the sun. Also, the naturalist in you will be happy to know that Turkish towels are made from sustainable cotton and colored with Oeko-Tex-certified dye.

2. Light & Compact

LUALOHAs are so lightweight and easy to pack that they make ideal travel companions. They’re much thinner than terry cloth towels (yet nearly as absorbent!), and although they’re relatively large in size, you can fold up your towel into a compact square that neatly fits inside your suitcase, gym bag or purse.

3. Quick-Drying

Gone are the days of throwing damp, musty-smelling terry cloth towels into your beach bag. All a LUALOHA needs is 20-30 minutes in the sun or wind, and it’s good to go!

4. Versatile

Turkish towels are so versatile that they’re worth every penny. Obviously, you can use them in the bath, on the yacht, and at the beach, pool and spa. But did you know LUALOHA has plenty of other uses as well? Wear it as a sarong; use it as a baby blanket; sport it as a wrap when you’re cold; lay it out as a picnic blanket or table cloth. The options are endless!

5. Get Softer with Each Use

Instead of fraying and dulling with each scrub in the washing machine, Turkish towels are renowned for maintaining their good looks. Bonus: the more you wash it, the softer it gets.

6. Fashionable (and Decorative!)

Not only is sporting a Turkish towel all the rage on the world’s trendiest beaches, but wearing your towel puts your fashion game on-point. Whether you’re wearing it as a sarong, scarf or shawl, you’ll always be stylishly accessorized. And don’t forget home décor! Impress your guests by using your towel as a couch throw or as decorative hand towels in your bathroom.

7. Cool, Colorful Designs

Whether bold and bright or plain and neutral is your thing, there is a LUALOHA that suits your style. Plus there are plenty of sleek and modern striped designs to choose from (or you can opt for a simple, unstriped one if you prefer).

8. One for the Whole Family

LUALOHAs come in a variety of colors and sizes so everyone in your family – from the pickiest man to the tiniest toddler – can have a unique towel to call their own.

9. Replace Terry Cloth Towels

Once you go LUALOHA, you’ll never go back! These Turkish towels are so useful and have so many wonderful qualities that you’ll probably never have a need for bulky terry cloth towels again.

10. Make a Great Gift

Who doesn’t love a beautiful, versatile gift? And with plenty of colors and designs to choose from, you’re sure to find a style for even your fussiest friend.