Namastie Yogi Hair Ties

$10.00 USD

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Downward dog your way into high ponytail style with our colorful collection of Yogi hair elastics. These bold and brilliant hair ties will elevate your chakra and enhance anycasual-chic look. Made from a soft elastic blend that provides the perfect pop without slipping or tugging at your tresses, these hair ties are just as functional as they are fashionable.Made with a no-break, double-stitched seam, they are slip-free, won’t fray and are easy to hand wash.

They’ll keep your pony, braids or buns in place and will make sure those pesky fly-aways are kept in check.Gift these little lovelies in a loot bag, add them as a stocking stuffer or simply spoil yourself with a cute way to elevate your laidbacklook. So, whether you’re striking a mountain pose or simply running errands, your casual updo will always sport a hint of style... and before long, “Namastie”is guaranteed tobecomeyour new mantra.