Namastie Ocean Lover Hair Ties

$10.00 USD

Surf, sand and Oceanlover hair ties... the perfect trio for any true-blue addict. Hand-knotted from soft and stretchy elastic that won’t fray and that is extremely gentle on your lovely locks, these sea-inspiredhair ties are a perfect way to dress upyourcasualcoif. They’re ideal for all hair textures and lengths and are just the right size for most ponytails, pigtails, buns and braids.

Little girlslove them because they’re bright and beautiful and totally ouchless, and practical galscan’t get enough because they’re stylish, trendy and amazing for everyday use.Gift these blue-hued beautiesin a loot bag, add them as a stocking stuffer or simply spoil yourself with a cute way to jazz up your dressed-down look.

From bold denim to brilliant turquoise, this water-colored palette of hair ties adds a superb splash of blue to your ‘do.