Namastie Equestrian Hair Ties

$10.00 USD

Ride your way into style with your perfectly pulled-back pony(tail). The earthy, yet lady-like, hues in this hair tie ensemble will add plenty of color to your gorgeous mane. Made from soft and stretchy elastic that won’t break or pull on your hair, your Equestrian hair tie is the ideal accessory to hold your tresses in place as you gallop into an aerobics class, race to the supermarket or jump hurdles to get to that meeting on time.

They are slip-free, won’t fray and easy to hand wash. Perfect for hair of different textures, these hand-knotted, one-size-fits-all hair elastics also make great party favors for guests of all ages, original stocking stuffers and beautiful thank-you gifts for bridal parties, favorite teachers or just good friends.

Ready to let your hair down? No problem. Simply slip your Namaste on your wrist and you’ve got an instant boho-chic bracelet till you’re ready to sport your next pony.