There is something about LUALOHA Turkish Towels....

There is something about LUALOHA Turkish Towels....

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A Turkish towel is a Turkish towel, right? Wrong! LUALOHA is more than that – it’s a lifestyle. It’s that feeling of unbridled joy when you’re lounging in your poolside cabana, or yachting in the Mediterranean, or indulging at the spa. LUALOHA is the taste of luxury with a dollop of efficiency, a pinch of eco-friendliness and a sprinkle of superior quality and style.

Each LUALOHA is the flawless fusion of modern sophistication and centuries’-old tradition, making it an unmatchable accessory for today’s fashionable eco-loving, globetrotting, jet-setting, spa-going, nature-doting man and woman.

So why does LUALOHA surpass its Turkish towel counterparts? Here are just a few of LUALOHA’s standout traits:

Drenched in History

We work closely with traditional weavers in rural Turkey to create our beautifully colored, lush towels. The methods used are very similar to the way Turkish towels were made generations ago – complete with charming hand-finished tassels to accentuate their final polished look.

Unparalleled Color Combos

Pastels or neutrals? Solids of stripes? There’s a LUALOHA for everyone’s color and style preference – from teals and pinks to blues and grays, and from solid hues to striped designs. Our Turkish towels offer a spectrum of looks for even the pickiest of towel-toters. And thanks to Oeko-Tex-certified dye, LUALOHAs’ colors are free of harmful substances, vibrantly beautiful and won’t fade over time.

Efficiently Efficient

LUALOHAs are take-anywhere Turkish towels. Firstly, they’re light to carry and easy to pack, making them your go-to travel accessory. Secondly, while they are super absorbent, they’re also quick to dry, needing a brief 20 to 30 minutes in the sun or wind to be good as new. And lastly, unlike their terrycloth towel counterparts, LUALOHAs are perfect for the beach because sand won’t get stuck in their fibers – which means you won’t be trekking sand with you to your car, home or hotel room.

Insurmountable Quality

LUALOHAs are gorgeous towels – and we don’t skimp on quality to get them that way. We use a combination of premium quality cotton and traditional weaves and techniques to create a high-quality product that’s soft, absorbent and durable. So next time you’re in the market for a premium Turkish towel, remember: Wrapping yourself in LUALOHA is the ultimate way to complement your modern lifestyle and punctuate your personal style.