The Lightest LUALOHA Turkish towel yet - The Stripes Light Collection

The Lightest LUALOHA Turkish towel yet - The Stripes Light Collection

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Turkish towels are awesome. But of course, if you’re a seasoned LUALOHA lover, you already know that. You’ve used your gorgeous towel at the beach and gym, got curious, envious stares at the pool, and indulged in its divine softness at the spa – you’re definitely a member of the loyal LUALOHA tribe.

You know how to wash and dry your Turkish towel, you know how to fashion it into a swaddle, scarf and wrap, and you even have some LUALOHAs strewn about the house as decorative towels and cozy couch throws. You are a Turkish towel connoisseur who is just about ready to take their towel style up a level…

There’s a new LUALOHA that belongs in your colorful linen closet: the ever-charming LUALOHA Stripes Light Turkish towel. It’s adorably striped, vibrantly colored and boasts all the same qualities as our beloved classic towels (super absorbent, quick-drying and soft). But these towels are a bit different: they’re lighter, thinner and dry even faster than original LUALOHAs, without sacrificing their super absorbent abilities.

How to Use Your LUALOHA Stripes Light

Original LUALOHAs and the towels in our Light Collection can be used in much the same way; however, because the Light Turkish towels weigh even less, they make superb travel companions and comfortable fashion accessories.

As a Towel: Don’t be fooled by its thin fabric, our lightest LUALOHA is still as magically absorbent as its big sister, yet dries even faster. So, you can use it as a bath towel at home or as a beach towel on all your outdoor adventures. It also folds even smaller than an original LUALOHA, making it an ideal (and ultra-convenient) travel buddy, fitting easily in every suitcase, backpack and overnight bag.

As a Scarf or Shawl: Because this perfectly striped LUALOHA is so lightweight and thin, it can be simply and stylishly fashioned into a pretty scarf or worn as a shawl. So, even when you’re not headed to the beach or the gym, you still have an excuse to take your LUALOHA with you everywhere you go.

As a Swaddle: LUALOHAs make excellent baby swaddles since they’re light, easy to fold, and made of soft and durable Turkish cotton. Meaning, our thinner Light Turkish towels make impeccable swaddles, keeping your baby cool on warmer days.
Baby will appreciate its cozy softness and you’ll appreciate its convenience.

Get all the LUALOHA function, convenience and style you adore in this even lighter, softer and stripier package. Whether you use your LUALOHA Stripes Light to dry off at the beach, pool or spa, or you wear it as a sleek scarf or shawl, you will always be cloaked in LUALOHA’s signature super-soft, feather-light excellence.