Namastie Sportive Hair Ties
Namastie Sportive Hair Ties
Namastie Sportive Hair Ties

Namastie Sportive Hair Ties

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Your outdated scrunchy days at the gym are officially over! You’ll never strike out with these sporty, stylish and oh-so-vibrant hair ties. Not only will they keep those annoying fly-aways in place while you sweat it out, but they’ll make sure your laidback look is always on point. Made from soft and stretchy elastic, these hair ties are super gentle on your hair –meaning they won’t pull, tug or break your precious strands.

They are also the perfect size for most ponytails, buns, and braids, no matter your hair texture. Kids and teens love the Sportive collection for its blatantly bold hues and because they double as cool boho-chic bracelets when worn together. And confident women with fearless fashion sense love how these vibrant hair elastics add a daring pop of color to any casual-chic ensemble. Made with a quality no-break, double-stitched seam, these hand-knotted hair ties make sure you hit a style home run every time.

- Size: 69″ x 39″
- 0.7 lbs/ 11.3 oz/ 320 grams
- Content: 100% Turkish premium cotton
- Hand tied tassels
- Super quick dry
- It's soft but gets even softer with each wash
- Machine washable

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