Buddhalu Azure & Sea Green

$37.00 USD

With its calming beach-like shades of blue and sea green, this striking Turkish towel helps you channel your innermost peacefulness in true Buddhalu style. Wrapped in the striped elegance of our 100% Turkish cotton towel, simply close your eyes, listen to the crashing waves, take a deep breath and embrace the tranquility of the moment. Not only will the ultra-softness of your Lualoha bring you peace and comfort, but its convenient light weight and quick-drying powers will simplify your life. From the beach or pool to the campground or hiking trail, your Blue & Sea Green Lualoha is large enough to wrap you up, dry you off and keep you warm, but also thin and light enough to fold up and carry around in your beach bag or backpack. You’ll gain peace of mind knowing you can always bring your flat-woven piece of heaven everywhere you go.
  • 69″ x 39″ luxurious Turkish Towel
  • 100% Turkish premium cotton
  • hand tied tassels
  • pre-washed
  • lightweight
  • super quick dry
  • super soft
  • machine washable
  • hang to dry
0.6 lbs
69 x 39 in
100% Turkish Cotton
Buddahful Collection