Flying Seagull

The Flying Seagull

Children’s happiness is a priority at The Flying Seagull Project. In a world filled with conflict, stresses and serious issues, this organization is motivated to put smiles on the faces of children around the globe.

Since 2007, The Flying Seagull Project has brought happiness through music, art, dance and clowning to over 100,000 children all over the world, including India, Cambodia, Ghana, and across Europe. They hold the belief that through the science of play children develop mentally and physically, strengthen social bonds, feel less isolated and just feel happier overall.

This hold especially true in areas where safety, food or shelter are lacking, and where there is severe poverty and illness.
Specialized programs include:

  • Laugh N Play International: Creating memories through circus, music, dance and play.
  • Happiness Matters Refugee Relief: Helping children fleeing war-torn countries feel like kids again
  • Creative Arts for Disability: Bringing out the creative side of children with special needs
  • Medical Clowning: Proving that laughter is the best medicine for children with serious illnesses

Play serves as escape for children who are burdened with the struggles of everyday life, and gives them the opportunity to laugh, smile and simply enjoy the moment. Whether visiting children in hospitals or engaging with refugee families, The Flying Seagull Project is making a positive difference one giggle at a time.