Things You Need To Know Before Buying Turkish Towels

mai 16, 2019

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So, you’re ready to own your first Turkish towel! Get ready because you’re about to enter the wonderful world of textile bliss – a world where cotton is sublimely soft, colors are bold and bright, and the fabric is light as a feather. But how Turkish towel savvy are you? Do you know everything you need to know before investing in your new bath-time accessory? Here are the top 5 things to be aware of before buying Turkish towels.

  1. Turkish towels are versatile
LUALOHAs go beyond the bathtub. While they’re great for drying off after a shower or soaking in the Jacuzzi, our multipurpose Turkish towels are lightweight (coming in at just 275 grams), quick-drying, and useful in all sorts of settings. LUALOHAs are essential items for:
  • The beach or pool
  • The campground or hiking trails
  • Traveling (They make terrific pillows, shawls or blankets for the plane, train or car!)
  • Yoga class, the spa or the gym
  • Your home (Use them as a blanket or as a stand-out accent piece in the kitchen or bathroom.)
  1. Turkish towels are eco-friendly
Help save the planet one LUALOHA at a time! Each of our Turkish towels is woven from premium Turkish cotton and uses less water in the washing machine, thereby conserving this precious resource. You’ll also get to save some money with your energy bills since your LUALOHA only needs the natural elements of the sun or wind to dry.
  1. Look for OEKO TEK-certified dye
Part of what gives LUALOHA Turkish towels their vibrant eye-catching charm is their color – which is added with OEKO TEK-certified dye. Free of any harsh chemicals, our dye is fade-resistant and won’t irritate even the most sensitive skin. So, you can just wrap yourself in your LUALOHA, relax and simply enjoy the pure colorful comfort.
  1. Some Turkish towels are fake
It might look like a Turkish towel, but beware – not every colorful lookalike is what it seems. Everything comes at a price: Cheap most likely equals fake. Many of these towels are made in China with inexpensive, low-quality fabric that sure looks pretty but doesn’t have the same Turkish towel magic. Consider investing in a genuine piece of towel heaven that’ll give you years of endless use. Tip: Always read the label! Make sure the towel you’re buying is actually made in Turkey.
  1. They make a great gift
Turkish towels burst with so much versatility that they make a great gift for men, women and even children. They can be used as towels for the beach, pool or spa, as shawls for the boardwalk, as eye-catching accent pieces in the kitchen or bathroom, or even as blankets or decorative throws for the couch. With plenty of colors, sizes, and styles to choose from, you’ll definitely be bringing the most original – and useful! – a gift to your next event.