Welcome to Lualoha!
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Lualohas have an outstanding quality.
We source the finest material possible and all Lualohas are made from 100% Turkish cotton or 50% Turkish cotton and 50% Turkish bamboo.
All materials are grown sustainably in Turkey, are super soft, like your favorite cotton shirt.
The more you wash it, the softer it will get.

Lualohas are traditional Turkish towels, also called Peshtemals, Pestemals, or Hamam towels.
They are created in in rural Turkey, based on century old traditions. The tassels of our Lualohas are hand finished based on an age old tradition.

Our Lualohas weigh between 280 grams and 320 grams, making them the perfect travel companion for hiking or camping trips, but also for a boat trip on your yacht or around the pool, ocean or lake.
They are also extremely compact and fold down to a tiny small package in your beach bag or luggage.

Lualohas are an amazing cotton towel that doubles as a perfect wrap during a bbq or on your boat, a picnic rug, beach dress, baby wrap, table cloth and much more. Find out for yourself and make sure to keep us posted on how you use your Lualoha!

The carefully woven Turkish towels are tightly knit from thin, high quality cotton or cotton/bamboo thread.
Place your Lualoha in the sun or hang it in the wind and your damp towel days are over for good.