How Turkish Towels Bring Couples Together

How Turkish Towels Bring Couples Together

The scene for your romantic night is set: soft music, dim lighting, and a bottle of wine, the flicker of candlelight, and… your Turkish towel blanket? That’s right. LUALOHA-loving couples everywhere are making their favorite Turkish towel blanket the third wheel on date night.

Turkish Towel Blanket Date Night Ideas

Large, yet light (weighing just 320 grams!), our beautiful blankets are the perfect love-inducing accessory to complement any amorous night for two. Here are some ways your official date-night blanket will come in handy:


1. Night in

Whether you’re snuggling by the fire or watching a movie on the couch, your Turkish towel blanket will quickly become a staple accessory in your at-home date nights. Pretty, soft and light as a feather, this blanket will make you want to stay covered with your honey long after the fire dwindles and the movie credits roll.


2. Night out

Is camping out under the stars your idea of romance? Or maybe going to movie night in the park? Whatever activity sparks your passion, take your Turkish towel blanket along for the romantic ride. Not only will it keep you both warm – and close – on a chilly night, but it’s also durable and lightweight enough to pack up and go on any outdoor adventure.


3. Beach Date

Throw your LUALOHA blanket over your shoulder and head out on your beach date. Effortless to carry and quick to dry, your Turkish towel will keep you both dry and well accessorized on your day of frolicking in the sand with your honey.


4. Picnic

Everyone loves a picnic date. The wine, the food, and the cute little basket all in a charming, grassy setting… And your LUALOHA just so happens to make the perfect blanket to sit and feed each other grapes on. And when you’re ready to pack up and go, simply fold your light LUAHOLA into a tiny flat square, neatly tuck it into your basket and head to your next starry-eyed adventure.


5. Weekend Getaway

Turkish towel blankets also make ultimate travel companions – aside from your sweetheart, of course. Thin, light and easy to pack, your blanket is a hassle-free accessory to bring along on any out-of-town jaunt. Cuddle under your LUALOHA in the plane, train or car to keep you both comfy and warm as you make your way to your exciting destination. Stay in Love with LUALOHA From drying you off to decorating your home, LUALOHA blankets can do it all – including keeping that romantic spark alive! Cozy, soft and large enough for two, Turkish towel blankets clearly make a snug addition to any romantic escapade.