Top 5 Reasons to Add Vinegar to Your Laundry

LUALOHA Turkish Towel - Best with Vinegar


The Value of Vinegar

LUALOHA is all about keeping it simple, natural and environmentally friendly. Our Turkish towels are woven with sustainably grown 100% Turkish cotton and get their beautifully vibrant hues from chemical- and allergy-free OEKOTEX-certified dyes. They also take up less space in the washing machine (using less water) and can be hung to dry (saving energy).

But let’s take it one step further – LUALOHAs also encourage the use of vinegar as a fabric softener instead of those harsh, chemical-filled brands. Vinegar is usually made from corn, potato, rice or barley grain or starch, making it a wonderful hypoallergenic, perfume-free option to keep your laundry looking clean, smelling fresh and feeling soft.

Top 5 Reasons to Add Vinegar to Your Laundry

  1. Keeps LUALOHAs soft

While white distilled vinegar acts as a chemical-free fabric softener for all laundry, it has a special purpose for LUALOHAs. It quickly and easily removes the natural starch used in the yarn of our Turkish towels (needed to make the yarn stiff for the weaving process), making them softer faster. In fact, we recommend washing your LUALOHA 3-4 times in cold or warm water with a cup of vinegar before using it so that it reaches its maximum softness and absorbency.

The Secret Ingredient for Turkish Towel Softness

That’s right, vinegar does more than make a delicious tossed salad – it’s also great for your clothes and your most treasured LUALOHAs. By simply adding a cup of vinegar to your wash cycle, you’ve got a surefire recipe for ultimate cleanliness and softness!

  1. Cleans the washer

Regularly running white distilled vinegar through the washer helps eliminate soap scum and mineral deposits that can build up and restrict water flow. Every few months, thoroughly clean your washer’s hoses by running an empty cycle of hot water and 2 cups of white distilled vinegar.

  1. Eliminates mildew

No one likes the foul, lingering stench of mildewed laundry – a smell you know all too well if you’ve forgotten wet towels or clothing in the washer. Try rewashing your load in hot water with 2 cups of white distilled vinegar, and then run a normal second load with detergent. Your laundry should smell as good as new.

  1. Removes stains

Vinegar is also a natural stain remover. To remove grimy stains from 100% cotton white socks, clothing or towels, add 1 cup of distilled white vinegar to a large pot of water; heat to boiling and combine the items and boiling water in a large container or bin. Let it soak overnight and then wash it as usual.

Another handy tip: Half a cup of white distilled vinegar in the rinse cycle helps prevent pesky lint and pet hair from sticking to clothes.

  1. Brightens clothes

Vinegar is like a magic potion for keeping whites whiter and darks darker. The acetic acid in distilled white vinegar does not harm fabrics, yet still dissolves the residue left by detergents, sprucing up the color of your dark clothing and keeping your whites beautiful and bright. Simply add half a cup of distilled white vinegar to the rinse cycle and you’ll get crisp, clean colors.



The Lightest LUALOHA Turkish towel yet – The Stripes Light Collection

LUALOHA Turkish Towels Stripes Light Collection

Turkish towels are awesome. But of course, if you’re a seasoned LUALOHA lover, you already know that. You’ve used your gorgeous towel at the beach and gym, got curious, envious stares at the pool, and indulged in its divine softness at the spa – you’re definitely a member of the loyal LUALOHA tribe.

You know how to wash and dry your Turkish towel, you know how to fashion it into a swaddle, scarf and wrap, and you even have some LUALOHAs strewn about the house as decorative towels and cozy couch throws. You are a Turkish towel connoisseur who is just about ready to take their towel style up a level…

There’s a new LUALOHA that belongs in your colorful linen closet: the ever-charming LUALOHA Stripes Light Turkish towel. It’s adorably striped, vibrantly colored and boasts all the same qualities as our beloved classic towels (super absorbent, quick-drying and soft). But these towels are a bit different: they’re lighter, thinner and dry even faster than original LUALOHAs, without sacrificing their super absorbent abilities.

How to Use Your LUALOHA Stripes Light

Original LUALOHAs and the towels in our Light Collection can be used in much the same way; however, because the Light Turkish towels weigh even less, they make superb travel companions and comfortable fashion accessories.

As a Towel: Don’t be fooled by its thin fabric, our lightest LUALOHA is still as magically absorbent as its big sister, yet dries even faster. So, you can use it as a bath towel at home or as a beach towel on all your outdoor adventures. It also folds even smaller than an original LUALOHA, making it an ideal (and ultra-convenient) travel buddy, fitting easily in every suitcase, backpack and overnight bag.

As a Scarf or Shawl: Because this perfectly striped LUALOHA is so lightweight and thin, it can be simply and stylishly fashioned into a pretty scarf or worn as a shawl. So, even when you’re not headed to the beach or the gym, you still have an excuse to take your LUALOHA with you everywhere you go.

As a Swaddle: LUALOHAs make excellent baby swaddles since they’re light, easy to fold, and made of soft and durable Turkish cotton. Meaning, our thinner Light Turkish towels make impeccable swaddles, keeping your baby cool on warmer days.
Baby will appreciate its cozy softness and you’ll appreciate its convenience.

Get all the LUALOHA function, convenience and style you adore in this even lighter, softer and stripier package. Whether you use your LUALOHA Stripes Light to dry off at the beach, pool or spa, or you wear it as a sleek scarf or shawl, you will always be cloaked in LUALOHA’s signature super-soft, feather-light excellence.


Top 10 Coolest Gifts for Father’s Day

LUALOHA Turkish Towel Striped Goodness Navy & Red Father's Day

Dad. Daddy. Pops. Papa. Whatever you call him, he’s probably one of the most important people in your life. Think way back to your fondest memory: Whispered late night chats over coffee at the kitchen table; cleaning stinging scraped knees while wiping away your tears; laughing at inside jokes. Whether he taught you to tie your shoelaces, tie a tie, dribble a basketball or ride a bike, Dad deserves something special.

From the coolest Turkish towels to the most supreme in outdoor gear, we have compiled a list of 2017’s best Father’s Day gifts that help show Pops you care.

  1. BOOM 2 Wireless Bluetooth Speaker

Get your music-loving Dad a speaker he can take anywhere – from the backyard to the pool to the campground. This wireless speaker offers crisp sound, allows you to connect from up to 100′ away, and is waterproof and dirt-proof. This speaker will definitely make your Pops the coolest guy on the block.

  1. Bose SoundLink Wireless Headphones

If Dad is more of an introvert with his tunes, a pair of wireless headphones is the ultimate gift this Father’s Day. Offering up to 15 hours of play time, he can sit back, relax and listen to the crisp, clear sounds of his favorite artists.

  1. Poolside/Lake Double Hammock

Give your outdoorsy Dad the gift of rest and relaxation in the great outdoors with an awesome double hammock. This 13’ hammock is fast-drying, waterproof and ultra-comfortable for lazing around the garden, tanning by the pool or napping at the campground.

  1. Monogrammed Getaway Duffel Bag

Get Dad his very own personalized duffel bag for all his leisure or work-related travels. This bag is large enough to carry all his essentials for a weekend jaunt or a short business trip, and can even be used as a gym bag.

  1. Leatherman Signal Multitool

If your Dad’s a regular outdoorsman, this is the ideal gift for him. He’ll never be without the hiking or camping essentials he needs again! This handy gadget holds needlenose pliers, wire cutters, a saw, hammer, awl w/ thread loop, can opener, bottle opener, and much more.

  1. Weber 1211001 Jumbo Joe 18-Inch Portable Grill

Amp up Dad’s meat game with this sleek, compact and portable Weber charcoal grill. Whether Dad is an avid camper, a football-loving tailgater or simply an all-round BBQ enthusiast, you can’t go wrong with this cool plated steel cooking grill.

  1. Picnic at Ascot 20-Piece BBQ Stainless Steel Master Grill Tools

Complement his portable grill with this swanky and every-useful collection of stainless steel master grill tools, including a multifunction spatula, marinating brush, shish-kabob skewers, cleaning brush and much more. It also comes complete with its very own aluminum carrying case to help Dad feel like the oh-so-important grill master he is.

  1. Craft Beer Club

Expand Dad’s repertoire of ales with a unique “beer of the month” experience. For a small fee, he’ll get 12 cool beers from around the country shipped right to his door. Use his newly stocked bar as an excuse to get together, watch a game or just catch up while fishing at the lake – he’ll be glad this gift means more time spent with you!

  1. Fitbit

Whether Dad’s a fitness fiend or could use some motivation to get moving, the Fitbit is a great gadget to help him track and meet his exercise goals. He can use it to track his workouts and get real-time stats and to cool down with guided breathing sessions. Bonus: You show him how much you care by motivating him on his fitness journey.

  1. LUALOHA Striped Goodness Turkish Towel in Navy & Red

Whether the Dad in your life is an avid camper, gym bunny or beach bum, he’ll always find a purpose for his perfectly striped Turkish towel. With its vivid blue color, quick-drying powers and lightweight design, this premium 100% Turkish cotton towel will quickly become his go-to outdoor accessory. He’ll love the simple design, the soft feel and the convenience of this multipurpose towel – and he’ll only have you to thank for it! And pssst… it’s on sale right now!

The most important one will be the handmade card you’ll add though. Here are some awesome ideas we found online.
And if you’re not crafty, here are some ideas of beautiful messages to include in a store bought card.

Much love to all of you and the special men in your lives! xx


Top 10 Reasons to Love LUALOHA Turkish Towels

LUALOHA Turkish Towels Classic Navy

Every LUALOHA owner is in a committed relationship with his or her Turkish towel. From the oh-so-soft feel of the tightly loomed cotton to its lightweight versatility, it’s easy to fall in love with LUALOHA with every use.

Here a few reasons why your Turkish towel will quickly become the new go-to piece for the beach, pool, gym and every other towel-toting location.

1. Eco-friendly
If your mission is saving the planet, LUALOHA is the towel for you. You conserve energy and water every time you wash it since it uses less water in the washing machine than a terry cloth towel and can be hung out to dry in the sun. Also, the naturalist in you will be happy to know that Turkish towels are made from sustainable cotton and colored with Oeko-Tex-certified dye.

2. Light & Compact
LUALOHAs are so lightweight and easy to pack that they make ideal travel companions. They’re much thinner than terry cloth towels (yet nearly as absorbent!), and although they’re relatively large in size, you can fold up your towel into a compact square that neatly fits inside your suitcase, gym bag or purse.

3. Quick-Drying
Gone are the days of throwing damp, musty-smelling terry cloth towels into your beach bag. All a LUALOHA needs is 20-30 minutes in the sun or wind, and it’s good to go!

4. Versatile
Turkish towels are so versatile that they’re worth every penny. Obviously, you can use them in the bath, on the yacht, and at the beach, pool and spa. But did you know LUALOHA has plenty of other uses as well? Wear it as a sarong; use it as a baby blanket; sport it as a wrap when you’re cold; lay it out as a picnic blanket or table cloth. The options are endless!

5. Get Softer with Each Use
Instead of fraying and dulling with each scrub in the washing machine, Turkish towels are renowned for maintaining their good looks. Bonus: the more you wash it, the softer it gets.

6. Fashionable (and Decorative!)
Not only is sporting a Turkish towel all the rage on the world’s trendiest beaches, but wearing your towel puts your fashion game on-point. Whether you’re wearing it as a sarong, scarf or shawl, you’ll always be stylishly accessorized. And don’t forget home décor! Impress your guests by using your towel as a couch throw or as decorative hand towels in your bathroom.

7. Cool, Colorful Designs
Whether bold and bright or plain and neutral is your thing, there is a LUALOHA that suits your style. Plus there are plenty of sleek and modern striped designs to choose from (or you can opt for a simple, unstriped one if you prefer).

8. One for the Whole Family
LUALOHAs come in a variety of colors and sizes so everyone in your family – from the pickiest man to the tiniest toddler – can have a unique towel to call their own.

9. Replace Terry Cloth Towels
Once you go LUALOHA, you’ll never go back! These Turkish towels are so useful and have so many wonderful qualities that you’ll probably never have a need for bulky terry cloth towels again.

10. Make a Great Gift
Who doesn’t love a beautiful, versatile gift? And with plenty of colors and designs to choose from, you’re sure to find a style for even your fussiest friend.

There’s Something About LUALOHAs

LUALOHA Turkish Towel Buddhaful Navy & Red at the beach

A Turkish towel is a Turkish towel, right? Wrong!
LUALOHA is more than that – it’s a lifestyle. It’s that feeling of unbridled joy when you’re lounging in your poolside cabana, or yachting in the Mediterranean, or indulging at the spa.
LUALOHA is the taste of luxury with a dollop of efficiency, a pinch of eco-friendliness and a sprinkle of superior quality and style.

Each LUALOHA is the flawless fusion of modern sophistication and centuries’-old tradition, making it an unmatchable accessory for today’s fashionable eco-loving, globetrotting, jet-setting, spa-going, nature-doting man and woman.

So why does LUALOHA surpass its Turkish towel counterparts? Here are just a few of LUALOHA’s standout traits:

Drenched in History

We work closely with traditional weavers in rural Turkey to create our beautifully colored, lush towels. The methods used are very similar to the way Turkish towels were made generations ago – complete with charming hand-finished tassels to accentuate their final polished look.

Unparalleled Color Combos

Pastels or neutrals? Solids or stripes? There’s a LUALOHA for everyone’s color and style preference – from teals and pinks to blues and greys, and from solid hues to striped designs. Our Turkish towels offer a spectrum of looks for even the pickiest of towel-toters. And thanks to Oeko-Tex-certified dye, LUALOHAs’ colors are free of harmful substances, vibrantly beautiful and won’t fade over time.

Efficiently Efficient

LUALOHAs are take-anywhere Turkish towels. Firstly, they’re light to carry and easy to pack, making them your go-to travel accessory. Secondly, while they are super absorbent, they’re also quick to dry, needing a brief 20 to 30 minutes in the sun or wind to be good as new. And lastly, unlike their terrycloth towel counterparts, LUALOHAs are perfect for the beach because sand won’t get stuck in their fibers – which means you won’t be trekking sand with you to your car, home or hotel room.

Insurmountable Quality

LUALOHAs are gorgeous towels – and we don’t skimp on quality to get them that way. We use a combination of premium quality cotton and traditional weaves and techniques to create a high-quality product that’s soft, absorbent and durable.

So next time you’re in the market for a premium Turkish towel, remember: Wrapping yourself in LUALOHA is the ultimate way to complement your modern lifestyle and punctuate your personal style.



LUALOHAs are Simply the Best Turkish Towels

Lualoha | Turkish Towel

Picture this: You close your eyes, raise your hands above your head, count to three in your head, and with one deep breath you take an adventurous plunge into the sparkling blue water. A cool rush of water cascades over your head, through your hair, against your face, and in between your fingers. As you resurface with squinting eyes, you feel refreshed as you lift yourself out of the water and reach for the supple softness of your Turkish towel. It’s the perfect ending to the perfect dip.

After drying yourself off with your LUALOHA, you drape it onto your lounge chair and soak in a few minutes of sun while it dries.

So, what makes your premium towel stand out from a regular ol’ beach towel? Well, not only is your LUALOHA beautifully designed, stylish, versatile, soft to the touch and lightweight, it also dries in a snap (about 20-30 minutes to be precise) compared to its terrycloth counterpart. This is why taking your LUAHOLA to the pool, beach, gym or spa is the obvious choice. You get convenience and premium style wrapped into one gorgeous quick-drying, easy-to-carry package.

As a bonus – if you’re a beach- or spa-goer with an eco-conscious spirit, you can support your cause while wrapping yourself in luxurious style. LUALOHAs are made from sustainable cotton and require less water in the washing machine than regular towels. And, because they dry so quickly in the sun or wind, you never need the energy-wasting use of a dryer. So you can wave an eco-friendly goodbye to damp, slow-drying terrycloth bath towels forever!

But what’s style and eco-consciousness without quality? Luckily, LUALOHAs are created with high quality in mind. Our towels are carefully woven on handloom tables with the finest material possible: premium, 100% Turkish cotton, or 50% Turkish cotton and 50% Turkish bamboo thread. They are very durable, never looking worn-out, dull or faded after washing. In fact, they actually get softer with each wash.

Meanwhile, back on your lounge chair…

With your tan on-point, you fold your now-dry Lualoha into a tiny, space-saving square and effortlessly throw it into your beach bag. You walk away feeling sorry for the other swimmers lugging bulky, damp towels on their shoulders. At this moment, you have total Turkish towel bragging rights because your towel is definitely better than everyone else’s.

Lualoha at the beach

What a wonderful day

Lualoha is getting ready for its launch and we spent some beautiful days at the beach in Mexico for photoshoots and to relax.

Turkish towels are definitely the best option when you travel and want to pack light.
We brought a couple for each of us and enjoyed having a lightweight blanket with us that also serves as a towel and a schal when it gets colder in the evening.

It’s amazing how fast they dry when you wash them out after a long day at the beach. Simply hang them to dry and they are ready the next morning.

Special Sale

Intro Sale – June 20 to 22, 2015

Get ready folks! We will launch in only 3 days and for this special occasion we offer free shipping coupons.
Simply use “Welcome2015” when checking out and receive free shipping on all your Lualoha’s!

After the 22nd, you will receive a free shipping rate of $8.50 and free shipping on all orders over $100.

We are excited to get started and look forward to your feedback and pictures once you received your own Turkish towel!
We are sure they will rock your world. They make the perfect gift for your loved ones and are a must have when hitting the pool, beach or lake.
Planning a hiking or camping trip this summer? You want to make sure to have your Lualoha handy!

Launch Deal coming soon!

Stay tuned for this special offer

We will be launching in two weeks and have a special offer in store for all our fans. Make sure to keep checking the block or our Facebook page and you will be able to take advantage of a special deal for the first two days our online store will be open to the public!

You can also sign-up to our newsletter and receive news and coupons for Lualoha.

We wish you a great day and hope you will create many great moments this week!
With much love from all of us at Lualoha!