Who are we

Lualoha is a modern lifestyle. It delivers a taste of centuries-old tradition with premium Turkish towels that satisfy today’s most essential needs: efficiency, eco-consciousness, high style and superior quality.

Lualohas represent calming the mind, relishing the moment and indulging in beauty.

What we Do

Woven from 100% cotton and traditionally accented by hand-finished tassels, Lualohas are soft, absorbent, durable, lightweight and quick-drying, making them the perfect bath, beach, sport or spa companion.

Lualohas are so conveniently compact that they are perfect for anyone on the go. They fold into small, storable packages that easily slip into luggage, or beach or sports bags. They’re also a breeze to store because they require minimal space in the linen closet. And for those with an eco-conscious spirit, Lualohas are so lightweight they require less water in the washing machine than regular towels, and dry quickly without using a dryer – simply hang them in the sun.

Why Lualoha

The secret to Lualoha’s standout style is the unique colors and patterns distinctively colored by Oekotex-certified dye. With their vibrant hues and luxurious feel, Lualohas are a perfect combination of casual chicness and refined style, making them essential pieces for anyone – from the frequent traveler, camper or athlete to the avid surfer or upscale beachgoer. They will quickly become a versatile staple in your everyday life.

From the beach to the bath, and every towel-toting affair in between, our premium Turkish towels perfectly complement your way of life and accentuate your style. Wrap yourself in the tradition of Lualoha luxury.

With much love,